Gail Mitchell

circled_2012_ Assemblage et Technique mixte_ 10 cm x 8 cm
dandy trap_2012 Assemblage et Technique mixte_26 cm x 15 cm
hand over hand _2011_Technique mixte sur velum_17.7 cm x 17.7 cm
methode.46_2012_Assemblage et Technique mixte_11 cm x 10 cm
another selection_Assemblage et Technique mixte_ 2003
circular freeze_Assemblage et Technique mixte_2003
the shapely crux 2010_Assemblage et Technique mixte


« My work is a playful narrative of found objects. For the past few years, I have explored movement, translucency, and ‘evidence’ (wax rubbings of textures, letters, numbers, etc).

I think of these narratives not so much as literal stories, rather they are wordless dialogues amongst historied objects, with drawn or physical lines and paint serving as intermediaries.

 Nothing is ever not considered, particularly the surfaces I choose to work upon. The weight and character of various elements allow me to explore and exploit them…in the process creating unusual yet to me perfectly logical juxtapositions of things.

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