Place-names: NEW-YORK CITY, ROMA, SEOUL, Hair Watch

Hair Watch from Gobolux on Vimeo.

2008 Hair Watch {sound video/3 min. loop} Producer/Director

L’artiste vidéaste KimSu Theiler participera à la première édition du festival du film à Séoul les 18 et 19 Novembre prochain.

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Four distinct video pieces come together for the first time to create a modest narrative of a young girl abandoned in an orphanage at four, moves to NEW YORK CITY, travels to the eternal city, ROMA, and returns to her place of origin, SEOUL.

HAIR WATCH is an art experiment versus an engineering experiment. In the process of photographing and then overlaying the adult image over the photograph of the child, the child becomes animated, and an excavation of a duration of time from another place and time is validated.

Place-Names as inspired by Marcel Proust’s ruminations suggests a desire to heighten the essence of a place so one cannot so much time travel but space/place travel with the hope that the arrived at place can spool in the intervening miles and become ever more densely itself. Apart from the current manifestation of the airport terminal or the global franchise store where one feels like you’ve never left but are jumping to more of the same, a leap back to a way of traveling, day dreaming of far off places.

In the specific: Place-Names: NYC envisages a post 9/11 NYC of work and snow filled places that will be covered over by towers, memorials and concrete.

Place-Names: ROMA is a travel through time, of layered civilizations: Etruscan, Roman, Papal and Contemporary.

Place-Names: Seoul is about the Hermit Nation irrefutably interjected by the influence of the outside world. Contemplation in the now of the outside: a window just slightly above a reclining view.

Credits : Director: KimSu Theiler


KimSu Theiler

KimSu Theiler lives and works in Jersey City, New Jersey. She graduated from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. She has exhibited film, video and media installation work internationally including the Rotterdam Film Festival (Netherlands), Gwangju Biennial (Korea), Museum of Modern Art (United States), and the Toronto Film Festival (Canada). She has received grants from the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Korea), the John Cage Foundation for Contemporary Performance Art, the Jack Smith Artist Award and the F/VA Artist Mentor Project Grant.

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