« My work is a playful narrative of found objects. For the past few years, I have explored movement, translucency, and ‘evidence’ (wax rubbings of textures, letters, numbers, etc). I think of these narratives not so much as literal stories, rather they are wordless dialogues amongst historied objects, with drawn or physical lines and paint serving as intermediaries.

Nothing is ever not considered, particularly the surfaces I choose to work upon. The weight and character of various elements allow me to explore and exploit them…in the process creating unusual yet to me perfectly logical juxtapositions of things.

Found objects, paint, marks, rubbings….all are part and parcel of a vocabulary that define my artwork. Like a language I’ve developed from the age of two, artmaking is an extension of my everyday everything. Synonymous with my obsession of documentation, I love historied things. Each artwork combines old and new finds, in conjunction with paint, pencil, pastel, etc., to form a dialogue, a personal map. Due to using many common even functional objects, I believe every viewer brings their own associations to my artwork. I do not attempt to create a literal message or story.

I am in addition, an avid photographer, drawer, musician, and poet, all these activities play off of one another in no particular order, they merely inspire new ideas”. Gail Mitchell

1988-1992 The Cooper Union, B.F.A.

1991 Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center |11th Annual Salon show, Brooklyn, NY

‘Piecing It Together’ | Brevard Art Museum, Melbourne, FL
Williamsburg Art & Historical Center | 10th Annual Salon show, Brooklyn, NY

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center 9th Annual | Salon show, Brooklyn, NY

Rueil-Malmaison group show, France
Amarin Cafe solo show, Brooklyn, NY
Thai Cafe solo show, Brooklyn, NY

Art Gotham ‘The Square Foot Show’ | New York, NY
Tsunami Benefit Show, Brooklyn, NY

Generations.04 |A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY

Ute Stebich Gallery group show, Lenox, Ma.
yellow vs. Yellow | 2-person show at Art Center SF, S. Beach, FL
Everything Must Go’ group show, Brooklyn, NY

Whitney Works 3-person show, Greenport, NY
Lumberhouse Gallery group show, Fukushima, Japan

Lumberhouse Gallery group show | Fukushima, Japan
Williamsburg Art & Historical Center |4-person show, Brooklyn, NY

‘Travel Of Spirit’ |show at Lumberhouse Gallery, Fukushima, Japan

Orient Historical Society group show, Orient, NY
Lumberhouse Gallery group show, Fukushima, Japan

Cooper Union Alumni Show
ST Gallery solo show, New York, NY

‘Kakejiku’ (Scrolling in NY) a one year traveling exhibit in the US & Japan
Gallery Onetwentyeight group show, New York, NY

Gallery Onetwentyeight group show, New York, NY


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